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Stijn Demuynck


Musician / Composer





Stijn Demuynck is a Belgian drummer, guitarist and composer. At the conservatory of Antwerp he studied jazz drums and ensemble with Dré Pallemaerts and Kurt van Herck.

After four years living in Antwerp he moved to Cologne to take lessons at the Hochschule für Musik with Jonas Burgwinkel. Now he lives in Gent and teaches at the conservatory in Kortrijk (B).


Stijn is searching for different ways to play together. He often leaves the conventional role the drummer has and translates the spacial and emotional experiences to sound. The listener gets a chance to connect the sensations of the ears with images, taste, colour and sent.

His sound on the drums is characterized by thin fragiele tones in contrast with warm and deep colors. These sounds are produced by the classical drum setup extended with self modified cymbals, bow, and other tools. He gets his inspiration from grandmothers pancakes, Leonhard Cohen, walks in the forest and Rothko.


As a drummer Stijn has won several prices, in 2010 he won the first price at the “Lions Club Harelbeke Liederik Cultuurprijs” and winner of the price “Jan Decadt” in Harelbeke (B). With Jennik Verlinden Kwartet he has won the first price at the “Jazzcontest Mechelen (B) in 2013.


Stijn has played several concerts with different formation in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Swiss, Hungary and Denmark.


In 2015 he founded the band Grundstein, a collaboration between Stijn as a composer and drummer, Raphael Malfliet (B) on electric bass, and Leonhard Huhn (D) on alto saxophone and (bass)clarinet. With this band extended with “het woudkoor” he released the album Pouancé (2016). The music on this album reminds us of Joachim Badenhorst, Paul Motian, Skulli Sverrisson and Arvo Pärt. Between modern classical and free improvisation where tonale harmonies play an important role.


Besides drumming Stijn also plays the guitar. He uses this instrument to create harmonies and melodies which he arranges for different ensembles. Recently he made and performed an arrangement of Pouancé for string sextet, drums and saxophone