g r u n d s t e i n

Stijn Demuynck


Musician / Composer

Pictures by Heleen Andriessen and Daniel Mennicken

Grundstein is a trio founded by drummer, guitarist and composer Stijn Demuynck. This band brings together 3 different musical personalities who encounter each other in the sound of their instruments.  With every performance the compositions evolve differently, clear harmony that goes into complex clusters and back, a wall of electronic sounds or a warm flow of acoustic sounds, created by drums, clarinet and bass. The result is music that carries you into the world of modern classical and free improvised music.


Stijn Demuynck: Drums, Composition


Leonhard Huhn: Bass clarinet, Clarinet and Alto Saxophone. 


Raphael Malfliet: Prepared electric bass




Previous tour:

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St. Gertrude / Cologne


Hot Club de Gand / Ghent


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